Pi chart data is lagging

I am trading in Banknifty F&O using Pi. Since Monday i am noticing a delay in the 1 Min chart data.
For example, the 1 min candle for 13:37 PM starts at 13:37:05 PM instead of 13:37:00 PM.
The candle for 13:36 PM was ticking until 13:37:04 instead of ending at 13:37:00.
I have attached screenshots to understand the problem better. 5 seconds is a big delay for scalping.
This delay is causing slippage while placing market orders in both BUY/SELL.

Any solution to prevent this delay?


Can you relogin and check once.

@siva It worked. After relogin there is no lag in chart data. Thanks for the support.
Any specific reason for this lag in chart data?

No particular reason as such because from our end we double checked and everything is normal.