Pi download link not working

The download link on q-backoffice does not work and to make matters more confusing there is some charge of Rs 500 p.m for a Pi bridge. What is this for? and this link even after clicking stays static?
I was told that all Zerodha customers get the Pi desktop trading platform but till date I have not got it. Always the link says “we ran out of invitations” ? And now when the link is there - no download and confusing statements of charges of Rs 500 p.m.

Can you check now, we have taken that link down for updating new one with some changes.

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OR. you can use the alternate download link from here


Thx Siva. It is working now. And I have downloaded it. Just last clarification - that there is no monthly charges for trading on Pi. Pls do reply as the link on the Pi bridge says monthly charges of Rs500.

what changes make in pi

Pi if free, if one uses pi bridge which connect Amibroker to Pi to do semi automatic trading costs 500 per month.

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