PI - saving the workspace, Quick Buy sell orders

Question 1:

Everytime I open PI, it opens a default interface. I setup Pi everytime with left top: Marketwatch, left bottom, open positions, right side 2 charts right to each other.
I also choose only few columns to be shown in the Order, Admin windows.
Is there any way that this all setup is saved when I close PI? Upon reopening, can it open the same way I left?

Question 2:

I placed QUICK SELL today from PI. But, the order was not executed, it was places as “pending order” and the market went towards sell. I did not make any profit. I just can celled the pending order.

My question is, the quick BUY SELL seems unreliable as it is the LIMIT order.

Anyone has similar experiences?

Does that mean I have to choose Market order only by pressing f1 and f2 keys and then submit button. 3 steps…?

Or any suggestion that quick BUY SELL always execute?



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  1. Saving your current multi-window layout on pi is not supported for sure.

  2. This most likely happens if you are a breakout trader, the top levels of bids and asks you see on most retail trading platforms in India are half a second or more late after it happens on the exchange.

If you are a breakout trader, the moment you see the top level of bid or ask on your platform it is already outdated and the price does not exist on the exchange,

To see this delay in realtime search for “now trader vs kite orderbook speed”

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Yes, I’m a breakout trader. I guess this happened because of the confirmation window after pressing BUY, so that price got locked in as limit order till I pressed OK.
So, maybe I should disable the popup window to prevent this. Please confirm if this can also be the reason.

Also, if I want to be sure that my trade executes, I think I should use f1 and f2 keys for buy and sell at market order.

Any more suggestions to speed this up?

Thanks. How do I login to NOW? I tried to use the member ID as 13906 and my Zerodha’s username, but it says invalid userid.

Please guide.