Pi scanner is not working and not giving any real time alerts? I think there is a need of update in scanner

Here I am talking about “PI SCANNER” not about the feature of “CREATE SCRIPTED ALERT”.

CREATE SCRIPTED ALERT feature works properly,but when we have to scan some stocks for increase in volume like that we have to use scanner ,but it is not giving any alert signal.

I request you to add some feature which you can update in scanner :-

  • On every alert you can enable alert tone.

  • On opening the chart in which the alert has generated automatic symbol should generate in the chart at the the time in which the alert has generated.

I hope this would be very helpful for the traders if update it in pi.


hElLO tRaDeR,
I am a daily user of Pi scanner and I can confirm that it does work realtime,
However, it does not produce any sound alerts, you will have to watch out for a YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER to appear on the Alert TIme column when stocks are identified with your scan conditions.

for the time being sake in my case it is not working…today 13-08-2019 market is going bullish to bearish with various stocks when even a simple 5-20 crossover scanner is not showing any alert.
if you have enabled any setting or am i doing something wrong…please guide me…