"Pi scanner takes default time frame of previous second."

Support team said, “Pi scanner takes default time frame of previous second.” . this was the reply when i requested why PI Scanner is alerts are not matching with chats with same time frame specified in the scanner. can any one explain what is the meaning of this. i seriously could not understand this.

Its difficult to get a spot on match between the pi scanner and pi charts:

The Pi scanner signal is not generated in your computer, it is generated in a remote Tradescript server and the signal is passed on to your scanner in realtime.

Considering this scenario, The reasons for mismatch could be:

The data that is fed into the Tradescript server is different from the one that is channeled to your charts. And hence the mismatch.

Even though there is a little mismatch here and there, Pi scanner is one among the best realtime Intraday Screeners in India.

Keeping in mind similar scanners are sold in the market for 50K subscription for a year, you get the Pi Scanner for Free.

You just need to jiggle things around and make a few allowances , you should be fine.


that clears my understanding, Thanks for explaining it out for me, i will keep that in mind.

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