Pi snapquote query?

i am aware in the snapquote segment we get top 5 best buy / sell prices & quantities .

some questions :-

  1. the buy-sell quotes generate , are the prices at which i can buy-sell or at which others are buying or selling ? if i want to buy a certain offer do i select the buy offer or take the sell offer ?

2)i have an offer of best buy price 100 for 20 lots … i just wish to buy 5 lots . can i buy 5 lots at 100 from the available quote or do i need to buy the whole lot offer ?

1. Bid and Ask rates in snap quote is the offers of buy and sell which traders are quoted.  if you are buying a stock you are going to get the ask price. and The ask price is what sellers are willing to take for it. If you are selling a stock, you are going to get the bid price,

2. yes you can buy as limited as you want not require to buy whole offer

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thank you :slight_smile: