PI User Settings: Session Time Expiry in Minutes

What should be the user setting in PI for Session Expiry Time in Mins to prevent timeout completely. It’s quite a pain to enter password every few minutes. I have tried various values from large to very large numbers but nothing seems to work. Perhaps it’s a bug or may be I am missing something.

Try 600 minutes

go to c:\zerodha folder -> right click -> properties and then go to security -> edit and give full control to the zerodha folder, check the below screenshot for reference.

and section expiry time you can give 600 minutes

The issue was resolved by Zerodha support/development team by modifying the file userSettings.xml and setting DeActivatePiLockFlag to True.

Tried. Doesn’t seem to work.

Tried. Doesn’t seem to work.

seems like your system or permissions issue write email to [email protected] with screenshot of error