Pi : Why does Pi does not show any data after trading hours?

Pi software does not show any kind of data after trading hours or on weekends. This is not acceptable. 

How can I check any data? I can't see volume traded, need to manually calculate % change and other data. Or I need to go to graph and get details.

Do we need to change some setting or this is by default.

I have lots of other suggestions for Pi but not sure where to log.

Yes… Even I face the same problem in kite… Also it’s very slow and does not work real time… Have to refresh it time and again… Shockingly, this is after operating on more than 2MBPS speed Internet connection…Even some of the free chart providers with some lag are useful than kite…

Send an email to [email protected]. Kite is of course a live streaming trading platform, it might be becaues of some settings on your firewall that is blocking streaming.

Other than volume/price change, all other data is anyways stale after market closes. Volume/price change can be seen on the charts. You can put ur suggestions for Pi here: http://zerodha.com/z-connect/tradezerodha/pi-tradezerodha/latest-updates-pi-23rd-july-2015