Piramal Pharma - where can i see it

4 stocks of Piramal Pharma was distributed for every stock of Piramal Ent. Does anyone know where can I see it in Zerodha systems? I know that it will be listed sometime later but there should be some place in Zerodha where I should be able to see the allocation. I can’t see it in Kite or console. I did get an email from CDSL about the credit…

The shares of the demerger resulting company Piramal Pharma Limited shares will be visible in your Console holdings with the ISIN: INE0DK501011 until listed.

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got it. Thank you

Piramal pharma has given statutory public advertisement today on 14 October means listing expected soon …all those who bought PEL on or before 29 August got 4 shares of PPL on 1 share purchased .

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So the original Piramal that was trading b/w 1600-2000, is now 850 + 4 new shares of PPL = ~420. Isn’t that significant devaluation?