Pivot point is contracting the graph. Removing pivot points solves the problem

From today onwards…I am facing problem with my graph. Due to pivot points in kite my graph (Bollinger bands in this case) is shrinking up. This was not seen on Friday. It works fine if I remove the pivot points from the graph. Can anybody please help me with this?

@Karthik sir
I am going to post same issue but find one
this really frustrating me, I tried on both crome and firefox + cleared all cache n history but not solved please do something fast

I am also facing the same issue,can somebody from zerodha look into it urgently.

Same issue here. Also, bar chart not showing up.

I too faced same problem and lost some profits earned in the morning.what is the solution

@nithin / @BharatW sir
any update on these otherwise i have to take holiday tomorrow !!:disappointed_relieved:

I’m also facing same issue… Zerodha please do something

As a result of how pivots are calculated on Kite, the candles tend to shrink when you load pivots on a chart. You can overcome this by popping out the chart and increasing the height of the candles by dragging up the y-axis price bands area. Now your other indicators if added along with the pivots become a lot more visible.

Check this gif on how you can change candle height.

The candle size in the chart below has been increased after pivots were added.

This problem has started from today, previously even after inserting pivot points the bars didn’t shrink.

Also, dragging up the y-axis price bands area messes up the volume profile indicator. We need to look at more than one day’s data so your solution dosn’t work bro.


Can you try now? I’m adding pivots to Kite charts and they don’t seem to shrink.

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Thanks man its working fine now.

everyone facing same problem…

Hi Ganesh,

Can you please let me know how to plot pivot lines(i need camarilla pivot lines specifically, if not whatever u plotted) like yours in Kite Charts?

I am not able to figure out how to plot like ur chart. (i.e, based on previous day values, plotting horizontal lines in current day’s range in chart)


I Am able to plot pivot points now…but not camarilla…

Is there any way to plot camarila pivot points…

Please clarify…

is not available in kite,don’t know when will they add
but Pi have many pivot lines

Thanks Ganesh…
I have asked Zerodha in other forum now…lets see if they respond on when they will add…

again same problem with charts
@nithin / @BharatW / @Bhuvan sir

Ganesh, I’m having our team check this.

today I am seeing something new in charts as yesterday charts was under maintenance
is there any new studies added?

Even i am facing the same problem… Pivots are causing issue with the axis scale, every time we have drag y axis to make it normal graph.