Pivot points in commodity futures

as pivot points are calculated on previous day high low and close but mcx closing time is different than international markets so pivot points are worth considering by looking at the fact that their prices are driven by foreign market as the closing price will be different giving variable value for pivot points

hmm… this is tricky to incorporate.

apart from this as per my knowledge the ratio of successful traders in commodity is far less than to equity .would this may a reason for this as price change are subjected to foreign markets rather than buyers and sellers from here

I’d blame it more on leverage. Higher the leverage in a product, more chances of traders losing. You can trade most commodities with almost a 30x leverage (intraday margin to total contract value). If a trader doesn’t know how to handle leverage well, it is a potential disaster.

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i agreed on this but if we compare nifty and crudeoil both had approx. same leverage .let me share this,one of my friend is prop trader at futurefirst and he had steller software to watch marketdepth of all orders placed on crudeoil future of nymex.and say we can only watch best 5 bid offers.so my point is retail traders who dont have access to such technology might fall behind and as we all know only 1% are successful in trading .this may be are the reasons.I am writing all these because i am college student and aspire to be a trader for lifetime so i want dig deep each and every points which matters

If you are someone who is going to trade the price, news doesn’t really matter. But since commodities are traded internationally by a lot more people than Indian equity F&O contracts, I guess it is generally more tougher to make money as well.

financial literacy is very negligible as compared to other countries .even i am in a nit college here peoples have no idea how markets work and they consider it as gambling .how it can be changed?