Pivot Points Moving Average in PI


I want to add a 3 period(or customizable period) moving average of Pivot Points in PI. Please let me know how to do it.


for adding moving averages on pivot points, daily PV values has to be plotted first ,As Charts are plotted based on candle sticks OHLC, So, it is not possible to plot moving averages of Pivot points in pi.

Hello Sir,
I am still waiting for the response…

I found something on the internet, they are talking about some workaround in MT4 platform, please see what that guy recommended since I am not a programming nerd so I couldn’t comprehend what actually he means, "Here’s an easy workaround. Use the attached MTF MA indicator. Set the TimeFrame to 1440 (1 day), and the period to 3, applied_price to 5 (HLC3). This gives you a 3 period average of the pivot point from your broker’s daily candle. (Different brokers start their day in different time zones so you won’t be able to have you MA based on a start from, say 5pm est…). Also, you may want to use the “shift” function by 1 period because pivots are inherently projected forward by a day…hmmm
Hope this helps!"
Please let me know that, can we do something like that in our PI???