Pivot points plotting differently for Kite web and Kite Mobile

Yesterday, I noticed for 30m chart, Pivot points are getting plot differently on Kite Web and Kite Mobile. Any idea what’s going on here. I checked all 5m, 10m, 15m, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 1d, all are okay, just getting wrong points for 30m charts. I tweeted to zerodha but they gave me this -> Why does the same technical charts for the same stock from NSE Tame, Google finance, Yahoo finance, Amibroker, not match?

I don’t think it’s relevant as I’m only talking about zerodha platform and not any other. Anybody have any reasonable explaination for this? Would be really helpful. Seeing the same difference today too.

Let me check but from next time you can create ticket here for support related queries.

Hi, any update?