Place entry orders but with limitation

Hi Team,

I want to enter into an option at market price but don’t want to get caught with freak trades.

For example ltp is 100 and I am OK to enter until 105 (5% more than ltp)

Please let me know which option to use in kite.


For this you can use Limit order. Limit order allows you to buy or sell at the specified price or a better price (for a buy order better price will be price specified or lower price and for a sell order it’ll be price specified or a higher price).

If the current market price moves beyond the price you have specified ie. higher for a buy order and lower for a sell order, the order will remain pending.

Taking your example, if you place a limit order at 105, the order will execute at 105 or lower price. If the price goes over 105, it’ll remain pending. You can learn more here: How to use limit orders as market orders?