Placing Advance Bracket order

I want to understand the Bracket Order… I tried many times but
somehow it didn’t give the desired result.
Can I place a bracket order in advance so that when price goes beyond, above or below a certain number, my trade is triggered

Suppose TataMotors is going on at 384.4
I want set a Buy Order when price goes above 385.6 Or sell Order when
Price goes below 383.2. If any order is placed, other can work as stop
Is it possible to do it?

Now suppose I do it… and price suddenly shoots up from 385 to 387.4 …
at what price my buy order be placed? Will it be placed at 385.7 or at 387.4?

Hi Alam

If u place buy order at 385.6, it means you have given a trigger price at 385.6, if that price triggered by shooting directly to 387.4 (After price is triggered it becomes market order and will be executed at whatever is the market price) , your order will be executed at 387.4 only.

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Happy Trading