Placing order greater than 1800 NF

How to place an order greater than 1800 ie 36 lots System shows Not more than 1800 is allowed by Exchange

I want to place an order for say 7000 i.e 142 lots

Hey, the freeze quantity is set by the Exchange. It is the maximum quantity that one can place per order. For NIFTY, the limit is set at 1800

In case you want to place an order which is greater than the exchange’s freeze limits, you will need to place multiple orders.

On Kite, you can use the sticky order window feature that helps to place multiple orders with the same input as the order window doesn’t close down but remains open, and multiple orders can be placed with similar attributes such as order type, quantity, price, etc.

You can read more about the Sticky Order Window and how to enable the same in this article.

Alternatively, you can also use the Basket Feature to place multiple orders with the permissible limits and execute all the orders at once.

More about the same in this article: What does the error “The quantity is higher than the maximum allowed quantity of xxx” mean?


Just to add, The quantity being huge, Basket feature might increase the chance of slippage if you try to place a market order.

In my point of view, you can enable the sticky order window and try to place market orders with a gap in between ( maybe 2-3 seconds).

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