Placing orders & stoploss

Hi All,

I have two questions regarding orders

I have taken position in JULY month contract in F&0 as NRML and i carry that position can I add CNC positions to this contract or i have to take another position in the nifty for intraday.

I have noticed that i have placed SLM for Nifty it is triggrred only after the SLM price is breached can you guys please explain that if SLM is in place can i be assured that it will trigger if the price is hit.

only thing I can explain is that STOP trading in FnO if you don’t want to see yourself sitting before a temple seeking alms. You don’t even know order types and you started trading in fno?
First learn then earn.
If you want to get rich quick start betting, gambling or matka.
For your query search and read tradingqna, varsity, z-connect.

In fno you have nrml & mis. There is no cnc.