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Dear fellow retail traders please stand united against the oppression of SEBI against the retail traders which forcing indian middle-class to leave the market and jump into the pockets of MF industries as I am not so fluent in English if any of you create a statement and post here it will be very helpful. For all of us.
Thanks in advance

  1. Reducing the lot size of FNO contracts which affected us mostly.
    2.Ask SEBI to not to become our moral guardian there job is to maintain transparency in stock market.
    These are some points from my end

how did you come up with this conclusion?

can you give some examples where middle class have had to leave the markets. As far as i know many many middle class people have invested in MFs and are quite happy with it.

What am i missing here?

SEBI’s job is regulate the markets and markets are owned by institutions and not retail. Retail money does not move the markets nor they do they make any significant money for exchanges or sebi fees.

So why would sebi listen to retail traders?

SEBI has been consistently making regulations to protect indian investors in the past decade. Its not easy to keep everyone happy.

Without regulation, everything would fall apart like in 2008.

Coming to the lot size, it is in best interest to keep it high, otherwise the retail exposure will grow significantly and one small recession will wipe out retail traders accounts and then retail will cry and blame SEBI for not taking precautions.

one e.g of this case is CFDs in US, which are currently banned because of exactly this kind of scenario, where retail had high exposure to markets before 2008 and after that we all know.
So, its good that SEBI has increased the lot size.

if you do want to participate in FNO, bring more money, then you will realize and know risk for real.

I am not against investment in MF but current indicating that what was the need of increasing lot size of contract van you tell me,why mininifty contract discontinued? Mininifty contract and option was nice tool to to hedge the risk of small portfolio.


There is a good reason why they were discontinued.

I m sorry to say but retail in general have no idea about risk or hedging and hence they take high exposure if you let them.

Retail always gets the margin call and institutions dont for most time(well there can be exceptions,but rare).

It is best to leave FNO to professionals and retail should stick to cash and MFs investments.

Having said that, you alone may be an exception. in that case you should not have any problem bringing more money to the table.

I am not against regulations made to maintain transparency in stock mkt but SEBI is trying to be our moral guardian by saying the reason to increasing the lot size of contracts is to keep away retail investor from market who does not know the risk in FNO market, now will you tell me who told SEBI that being a retail investor does that mean that we don’t understand the risk what’s your opinion?

That’s the issue after getting all the knowledge many retail investor lack the capital requirements of today’s market which was not an issue in early days when there was mininifty contract for us to hedge or to make static position in FNO now there is none

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Again , how did you come to a conclusion on this. Why do you think retail traders don’t have money.

There are plenty of retail traders who have sufficient capital and please note that having sufficient capital is a very basic requirement of trading with leverage. if you trade a small account on margin/leverage you will most likely get a margin call irrespective of who you are.

My suggestion is instead of wasting time complaining to PMO, best to get funds and get the capital to work for you.


Another point i would like to make is , if you are short on capital , then you need to raise money.

Many people and i am including you also claim that trading is like running a business. So if every business has to raise capital then so should traders also. isn’t it?

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I am asking for equal platform for all investors that’s why i am talking about reducing lot size about your last point you are absolutely correct.

Why STT?

This is a valid issue raised by Sujay1803, please answer, even I want to know.

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It was a nice alternative to hedge mini portfolio of 5-10lk but it was discontinued for whose benefit god knows.

Valid point

SEBI has done everything to demoralizes the spirit of retail investors of Indian middle-class for benefit of MF’s and FII’s bitter but sad truth, nobody cares every opposition party’s are silent and :mask:

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how retail traders are defined by SEBI? how do sebi retail and professional trader?