Please explain smallcase

Could someone please explain the working of smallcase. As I understand they build up a small portfolio of shares that we can invest in but do I pay them to buy the stocks. Does I actually buy delivery equity stock in this system ? And the stocks will show in my dp account ?

Yes, they do show in demat and orders placed as CNC (Market/IOC) order type so it result in delivery of stocks.

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Is smallcase a part of zerodha ? How can smallcase not being my broker can place order for me then ?

Smallcase is partner product of zerodha. First it will ask for permission to place order on your behalf.
It is build on Kite API platform.
You can disconnect your kite account from these platforms (smallcase, coin, balance) by just logging in to kite.
You can check the permissions given to apps and disconnect anytime you choose to.

And one more thingā€¦
You too can create some innovative product like smallcase using kite API.:wink: