Please explain the below charges

I’m new to trading. I bought and sold some Equities as shown in image. If turnover charges are 0.00325%, How did they charge 12.13?
Also STT charges are confusing as per the following link![Screenshot_20180112-000218|281x500](upload://mpJTdFTBbiRPG1Iwel6NZumuhaI.png)![Screenshot_20180112-000123|281x500](upload://wQ8GNXKfowKaAdSt0MIUViqns19.png)![Screenshot_20180112-000228|281x500](upload://xcGVzxrcTZV3pQvbqc6RAOuOkEW.png)

Tell me the buying price, selling price and quantity. The calculator is working fine. I think there’s some miscalculation on your end.

I just updated the question by adding some images. Please look into it