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A lot has changed with web technologies (like HTML5) over the last few years, But Pi has the best refresh rate when compared to Kite or any other web based applications. Order execution and cancellations windows can be placed below watch list in Pi, and Linking to excel can be done. Please provide More depth level of the scripts. Scanner and back test are working fine with Pi and Provide an option to create an auto alert for scanner Instead showing it with yellow color. and Please do Concentrate on Improving Pi. According to your Many users are using web based or mobile applications due to their busy life. But as a day traders Pi is the best Platform one can trade or Back test.


@SB7 @nithin
Definitely I’m completely agreed with u. Kite is only make sense for those peoples who just trade occasionally and take delivery’s for short & long term investment. It’s not meant for those who make living from day trading. Zerodha is all about day traders. @nithin always said that Zerodha’s Bread, Butter & Jam comes from day traders. So now this is nithin responsibility to provide advanced platform to day traders. I don’t know why he is more focusing on Kite platform. Kite is good platform for on the go trades but it’s not make any sense for day traders. I’m still using PI for trading. I only used kite in my mobile device.

Let me tell u a my story. Why I’m opened my account with Zerodha.

When I first comes in the Market. I know almost nothing about Stock Market & Broker’s. The thing I know is that. The Stock market is the biggest business in the world after forex. This thing attract me alot. So then I start researching & gaining knowledge about Stock Market. After some months I opened my first Trading Account with Sharekhan. Because I love there trading platform called Trade Tiger. The problem is that there brokerage is to high. They charged me 0.3% for delivery & 0.03% for intraday based trades plus other taxes. When I opened my account with them I think this brokerage is low. Because on that time I’m beginner. But when I start trading I start realising that this brokerage is to High. It eats my profits & make bigger my losses.

So after almost 1 year I heard about RKSV Securities the discount broker how didn’t charge more than 20 rupees. No matter how big your trade is. Thats attract me alot. So then I decided to open a trading account with them because of there brokerage. But the problem of RKSV is there Trading Platform they provided. They Provided me Nest Trades. This platform is all about execution of trades. Not for analysis & charting. For charting I have to install Another plug-in call Nest Plus. Trust me this is the most crapest plug-in or charting plug-in I ever used in my life. There is a lot of problems with that. Like occasionally crashing & hanging. I even tried is on my Windows XP, 7 & as well as Windows 8.1. It giving me same problems every time.

So then I start researching on another discount Broker. So then I found Zerodha. On that time Zerodha comes with there Newly Platform Called Zerodha PI. I watched there videos on YouTube as well on there websites. On that time I think that’s all I need a good trading platform with integrated Charting & lower brokerage. On that moment I felt like Zerodha is fulfilled my all wishes regarding Trading. So then I decided & opened my account with Zerodha.

The reason why I opened my account with Zerodha is PI. Trust me this is also reason for your other clients as well. In this Brokerage Industry there is now lots of Discount Brokers. But they don’t have platforms like u have. The thing is that ur technology your trading platforms, education material (Varsity) is the reason for ur success.

But now I felt like Zerodha wants to kill PI. PI is the reason that’s why I’m with u. Pi is the reason for ur success. Pi is the reason others are with u.

& It’s hurts me when @nithin not talking about PI. Please focus on PI. We Love Zerodha We Love PI.

Please like this Reply If you like PI.

I know this reply is too long. Sorry for that…


Kite is used by those who are trading in office. PI is for full time traders, So zerodha should focus on PI aswell. I dont think even a single person will use kite if PI is accessible for him.


I still do use the backtesting and scanner feature on Pi but I’m still unable to wrap my head around how Pi is superior to Kite when it comes to order placement and management.
I am an intraday trader and on a daily basis, I place anywhere between 8 to 12 F&O trades on Kite plus I buy stocks for Holdings now and then. It’s quick to switch between the orderbook and positions tab, quick to add scrips in the marketwatch. The charting bit is efficient. I don’t want to brag but I’ve been an efficient intraday trader on Kite and I must give part credit to this light and beautiful web platform.

Awaiting Kite 3.0 with my fingers crossed!


Kite could attract part time, new traders.

But to hook up the serious full time traders, I think what is needed is an upgraded Pi with 64 bit capability(current pi I think is 32 bit made to work in 64 bit system)



You cant add More than 20 scripts in kite watch list.
You can’t sort the scripts according to the percentage or net change of the script.
When an order is executed in Pi you will get system generated message.
When you go to order book you cant see the chart.
In Kite if you want to see depth you have to sacrifice seeing all scripts in the watch list.
The Time will be Displayed in Pi at the top, it is very important for a day trader.
You can directly scan the scripts and back test them with in Pi.
Kite is suitable for delivery trades or positional trades and not for Day traders, As @Nikhil_Verma Mentioned @nithin said that always said that Zerodha’s Bread, Butter & Jam comes from day traders @SB7 @Nandha207 @venkatzerodha @Roshan7


@nithin @SB7 @Nandha207 @venkatzerodha @Roshan7

  1. The refresh rate of Kite is super slow when it comes to charting. Even with 20Mbps Internet Speed.

  2. You can’t see volume in numbers in kite. Agressive traders have to see sudden volume changes or slow down to make trading decision. In kite it’s available but alot slower & most importantly it’s block your candlesticks & you have to point it on specific candle in order to see it. Which is very unreliable. Trust me I tried it.

  3. In kite I can’t customise my order window. With specific quantity & order type. These things take time in kite. Again Not good for day traders.

We love Pi & we want it more that kite. We want Pi becomes more advanced & useful over time. Please tag this with @nithin if you agree with us.


There are 5 watchlists in Kite. You can add up to 100 stocks on all the 5 watchlists put together.

This feature will definitely be a part of the new Kite release, sorting watchlist according to % change.

When orders are executed on Kite, you get notifications too. Plus a cute little bubble sound.

You can pop-out charts on Kite. It’ll make it easier for you to toggle between the orderbook and charts. You just have to toggle between your browser tabs.

When you open the Depth of the stock on the marketwatch, it does hide a few stocks at the bottom. So yes, you won’t be able to see all the stocks on your watchlist at the same time when the depth window is opened. Hopefully, this is a momentary sacrifice only.

You can still continue to use Pi for backtesting.

Kite 3.0 is coming out soon! It will be faster, wiser and better. Placing orders from charts, more features on the watchlists, orderbook, holdings and positions tab. Reduced latencies between switching tabs. And lots more to come!

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I do agree with all above people. I am frequently asking to improve “Pi” software & sending mails & Twitter posts to Zerodha & @nithin. But they are not responding. I think they are getting more customer base so ignoring customer feedback & requirements. I have opened my Trading account with Zerodha when it was very new… not even completed 1 year.
I am asking them to do software benchmark of “Interactive Broker” & "Sharekhan Trade Tiger."
Also asking to add “Stochastic RSI” indicator in all trading platforms.
Hope they will at least read this post & reply.


As a day trader Pi is the best platform a day trader can use. No body will use kite if Pi is accessible for him Please upgrade it to 64 bit and all necessary upgrades for day traders. @nithin @SB7


There are 5 watchlists in Kite. You can add up to 100 stocks on all the 5 watchlists put together.
In Pi we don’t have change the watchlists.
When orders are executed on Kite, you get notifications too. Plus a cute little bubble sound.
That cute little bubble sound will come after 10-20 min when an order is cancelled. when exexuted it will come and then after 5-10sec chart will refresh.
You can pop-out charts on Kite. It’ll make it easier for you to toggle between the orderbook and charts. You just have to toggle between your browser tabs.
Yes we can pop out charts and place them on other screen but Pi is more convenient when placing charts on 2nd screen, for browser lot of area is wasting.
Please don’t convince us to use Kite, Instead of that please upgrade Pi.
Then Please let us know the Release highlights of Kite 3.0 and when it is launching, so that we can see how good it is? @nithin @Nikhil_Verma @smchougale2 @Nandha207 @venkatzerodha @SUJITH


Pi has been lagging for a long time now.
No support for the Awesome Oscillator (which Kite has) and also, NO Linux support of even 64-bit support makes it… A weak offering currently.

I wish they would focus on Pi, but Zerodha seems to be swamped with popularity lately…

It’s still the best (just wasted an entire 353 bucks opening an Upstox account to realize that)

Actually I was more concerned with their new pricing as well.
I don’t know if anyone from the team reads this but it’d be nice to have some clarifications.

Is Zerodha going to focus on the desktop services at all?


i do analysis on pi then trade on kite because of my job but trading in option is bit problematic when it is not systematic i think both kite and Pi needs updates.


Kite not suitable for full time day traders.


We should have volume profile in pi as we have in kite. I dont understand after these many updates of pi why volume profile still not there.

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Single most important thing for day trader’s is scanning stocks based on indicators,
So please add Scanner in Kite and Please Do Increase the Speed of Pi for scanning Stocks fast.

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@nithin please reply here sir…


Yesterday I placed an order in kite and watching Market depth. It took more than one minute to reflect my order in market depth.

Means many are seeing our orders before retailers and able to act on them. Some times it happened to me I placed exact sell order matching Best Buy price and immediately Best Buy price dropped. When the order placed matching with Best Buy prices it is not executed by exchange. It shows to many and given time to alter only after that our order is displayed. This is why it is dangerous to allow market order for options. If you place market orders co-location traders see it cancel the orders and increase or decrease the price to their benefit.

It is always better to avoid market orders even for Eq. And Futures as well.


Yes even i agree with everyone here…Pi is a far better platform vs kite which is completely unstable / unreliable and resulted in losses for many especially during high volatility/volumes. Nithin…pls update Pi to add VWAP, Bollinger%B, volume oscillator etc.

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Guys pi is much better platform but I wouldn’t expect much upgrade for pi anymore because to maintain a platform like pi is much expensive than maintain a web platform like kite. That’s what I would assume. You can notice any other discount broker they all have a web platform but not a desktop platform because it’s much more costlier to maintain instead they provide nest trader. And the broker who have good desktop platform are charging very high brokerage which zerodha cannot . So maybe their focus will be on kite totally.

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