Please Help me! Got margin call for squaring off using zerodha system

I squared off all my positions using zerodha select all option while exiting the postions on kite.
Sell position got squared off last as chosen by the system, at the same time zerodha system sent me a mail that I have used 400 percent more margin. I am scared as to what will happen, what if Screenshot was sent the SEBI at the same time(4 times a day for margin shortfall screenshot).
Will I be levied heavy penalties cause zerodha has an auto squareoff which squared off sell position as last one. Basically buys got exited first by the system leaving the sell momentarily till it was exited.
Please help same thing happened at other instances also when I exited, I have seen only now and am now panicking.
Penalty on 400 percent margin will butcher me. Please reply asap on humanitarian basis.

Help. .

If the snapshot was taken at the time, there will be peak margin penalty. Hence it is advised to always exit the high margin (Futures, Short Option) positions first and then exit the Long Option positions.

But it is an automated system of zerodha to exit all positions at once, how can we know which one gets exit last.

Is anyone even worried about us anymore, how are we expected to know that an automated exit system will not make sure that sell should be exited first. Why is it there in the first place if such things can happen.

Also shubh u have made this post not to be seen, don’t you think people can atleast read and know not to do this.

You can first exit the short legs by selecting only short positions and then exit long positions using same method.

This has been discussed in many topics already, hence I unlisted it :slightly_smiling_face:

Atleast tell me where to check if margin penalty has been imposed on me.

Anshuman, the exchange charges penalty on T+5 day. If penalty has been charged, it’ll be posted on your ledger on Console.

Shubh bhai do I have to wait for 5 days now. …I read it comes at 9pm EOD in ledger, is it reflected the same day. Also my bad I checked tje topic already discussed many times but I missed it, sry fr the outburst.

It’ll be posted on your ledger when charged by the exchange. As I mentioned above, exchange does this after T+5 day.

All good, Anshuman :slightly_smiling_face:

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