Please provide coding for the following strategy

in intraday stock future chart whenever a 1 min candle has gone above and below both of yesterdays closing price e.g reliance yest close 1400, so today 1 min candle should have surpassed 1400 above And then below 1400 level


Are you after a Tradescript code ?

yes the pi scanner should list all such stocks futures who have meet the required condition of crossing abv / belw closing price

The pi Screener works only on Intraday candles.You cannot code for comparing today’s intraday candles to Yesterdays Close.

The conditions you have mentioned is not code-able for Pi Screener.

so u mean to say no stratregy can be formulated with respect to daily canlesticks .

@maheshsonawane Your Strategy cannot be used on The Pi Screener

i m asking u whether pi screener is only for intr candles or can it be used for daily candlesti also

ok can pi screener list all such stocks who have crossed their yesterdays high or low price respectively this is a simple stratregy with respect to daily candlesticks

Use hourly scanner with period settings to 8 , this might give you the signal. Let me know if u need the code for same.

yes please provide the code

You have to run two scanners : one for current price > High of previous Day and other for Current Price < Low of Previous day ( OR condition not working …maybe @AlgoGeek can help )

  1. Scanner 1- For LTP > High of previous day


2.Scanner 2- For LTP < Low of previous day

LAST < REF(Low,1)