Please read and reply Few questions on Robo trading/algo trading

what is the main difference between robo trading and algo trading

for example- if i use chartink software were it gives me buy or sell signals with zerodha api if i automate the process then it is legal or not

Should we register our self with the exchange to do robo trading or algo trading

if it is illegal for retail trades then can we do trading by corporate demat account

@nithin sir and @Zerodha-Staff
requesting you to please answer this question because there is correct explanation anywhere on the internet some say it is legal and some say its illegal

hoping for the reply

This is grey area, ideally one should not do this but even if you do there is no way to prove you are automating.

Not allowed for retail and current process is cumbersome and not many new age brokers will do this process.

Nothing to do with demat, retail/non retail are defined by way of the approval process.
Clearly there is no framework which guides investors/brokers properly on algo and we hope exchanges/sebi will come out with one soon in the best interest of over all ecosystem.

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Whats the difference between normal algo trading and the one which is asked about here?
From what I know algo trading is pretty much legal

There you go