Please recommend me good & efficient Real time Data provider

Though I know, this question is very common & asked several. I would like to know this once again with the latest reviews.
Can someone please recommend me good & efficient Real time Data provider?
Who can provide real time data for NSE Future & as well as CASH along with MCX and derivatives


You can check out Neo Trade Analytics - . They are quite reliable.


brother you can also try out with the service of RTDS

their rate and services are reliable and nominal



I personally use Globaldatafeed and I am satisfied with it…

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friend you can try out with the service of takit pro, as with them I am getting realtime data for cash, future and mcx and also buy sell signals which helps me a lot in guiding through the market…

Are the companies providing REAL TIME DATA earning money by using them or just by selling them to people ? ? ?

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