Please Suggest one alternative broker for trading


is guess every one should have at least 2 broker ,my best 2 is zerodha and upstox


Can you link existing demat only for derivatives…


Not able to understand your question?


Like can you use one demat account and multiple brokers for derivative trading, I understand for share delivery you can only sell from one trading account where your demat is created but how about F&O deliveries not MIS…


No demat required for derivatives carry forward trades as well


Finvasia sounds interesting. Do they have a good backoffice software which actually works most of the time and shows profits/losses (for tax/advance tax calculation purposes) accurately?


They do, better than zerodha’s Q. FInavasia’s PRISM also shows your P/L graphically which is very interesting. and its Up all the time unlike zerodha.
check out the rest of the details here (reposting this link because my earlier post got deleted due to some insecure zerodha team who just deleted one of my post :rofl:)

  1. Dont lie here. they dont charge you for POA. and they have their own demat service which is free for life. i dint paid a single rupee to Finvasia until now.

  2. and the 10x leverage is pretty much sufficient. the one who uses more than 10x must be a retard and ill minded trader which is set to blow up his account. I hope you are not the one :stuck_out_tongue:


A lot of traders use more leverage than that in intraday. You must be a different breed for insulting a lot of traders.


check finvasia site they are charging 199 rs for poa …

see this link…


No issues with Motilal Oswal. Excellent service.


Why wouldo I lie? They do charge POA. It’s sort of account opening fees.
And yes, they have No AMC.


@ItsArjun I can’t even think any broker other than Zerodha.
Yes, I agree Q back office is not impressive and it’s flaws although they guys are working some new back office.
But zerodha’s initiatives are awesome like Varasity, Trading QnA, Brokerage Calculator, discount brokerage etc.
I think most of trader/investors like those features.
Yes, as alternative broker we can try Finvasia.


Getting to hear a lot about upstox. What’s their brokerage charge for F&O trades? Is the trading platform stable or hangs like how Kite does in the opening half an hour?


Thumbs Up Zerodha Guts…have not deleted the message


go for fyers… good alternative of zerodha


Please inform me when they will have more than 1 day chart on mobile app


if you know that Z’s systems are unstable , then why are you trading with them?

Plenty of other discount brokers out there . pick anyone.


Are those other discount brokers better than Zerodha??
Heard upstox cracks too


I don’t know , but somehow all other brokers platforms are stable during high volatility. At least that’s the impression i m getting.