Pledge direct MF for leverage

Can we pledge direct MF for leverage ?

This is not possible currently. You can pledge stocks, ETFs for collateral margin.

Thanks for the response. I would like to know if you plan to introduce pledging in MF and if yes, any timeline ?

Are liquid MF ( for ex: ICICI PRU liquid fund) purchased on the coin platform available for pledging. If so how is this done: through Coin or Kite or console? Further what is the unpledging mechanism. My query is specifically for liquid debt mf shown on zerodha list as equivalent to cash and procured on Coin platform

Your answer is given here:

Liquid bees and liquid MF will be counted against cash margin or borrowed margin (interest to be paid for) for the purpose of calculating margin used?

Yes, you can pledge LiquidBees and Liquid funds mentioned here to get the collateral margin to trade in FNO. Click here for more info.

Thank you for the quick reply on a sunday and working from home due to the current situation!!

I had placed an order for purchase of ICICI overnight fund on thursday after 1130. Got sent to AMC on Friday. Today got an email from AMC today morning at 815am and then from coin also at 2:20pm saying units allocated. But still console not showing the units. Was hoping it would reflect in console before 4pm so that i could pledge it. Now have to wait for 1 more day.
Net outcome from purchase order to pledge 4 working days. Is it possible to reduce this?

When will it be reflected in console?
Is it possible to increase the time for submission of orders to AMC?
Is it possible that once the coin portfolio is showing the fund it is shown in the portfolio holdings in console also?