Pledge margin after poa revocation

Hi @ShubhS9 @Nakul

My account is opened before 2019 and I have pledged some MF, ETFs for margin in my account for F&O trading.

I have requested PoA ( Power of Attorney) revocation.

My query is –

  1. Do I need unpledge my holdings and repledge them for margins before /after poa revocation
  2. Does PoA revocation affect my open F&O positions. ( I mean do i need close them or can continue as regular during poA revocation process)
  3. Any other thing to keep in mind during PoA revocation process

Hey @create-wealth,

Nope, you won’t have to unpledge the shares.

This has no effect on your open positions.

Just that once the POA is revoked, you will have to use CDSL TPIN authorization while selling shares from holdings. You will receive TPIN from CDSL once the account becomes non-POA. Other than this, everything remains the same.

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Thanks @ShubhS9