Pledged Stocks in Kite Holdings Tab

I want to know if the pledged stocks will be visible in the Kite’s Holdings tab after pledging?

Or I have to check them in console there after? @siva @ShubhS9

No, Shares which are pledged are only visible on Console.

Shares which are pledged can’t be sold till it’s unpledged hence kite doesn’t show the same. Once unpledged the same will reflect in Kite.

One more question regarding this. Where can I find the list of pledged stocks in Console?

There is no clear answer in Zerodha Support Portal regarding this. Please add that answer there too.

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Yes.Thanks for suggesting. Getting it added.

@siva @ShubhS9
Is not it a good idea to show them in the Kite Holdings as well? They can be shown with pledge icon just like in Console Holdings. Or at least the dropdown on the Kite Holdings should contain an option Pledged Stocks. It is very frustrating to be not able to know the real time worth of all my stocks (hope you agree that the owner of pledged stocks is I only as long as I am not defaulted) when market is open. Anyhow, thanks for not asking us to check the demat account for pledged stocks.

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Yes… Really needed feature…