Pledging (collateral ) on Liquid bees 50:50 rule for intrday Options?

As we know that margin for pledged shares/liquidbees, if we want to use it for overnight FNO trading, we need additional 50% margin from cash.

I wonder, if is the same for Intraday MIS options positions?

Example: After pledging liquid bees , I receive 1 lac as margin after hair cut and suppose I have 0 rs. cash in my account. Suppose my intraday MIS index options position requires 1 lac as margin , so can this collateral margin is enough or do I need additional 50k in my cash accounts?

Thank you .

50:50 requirement is only for overnight positions. You can do Intraday trades with that margin, you won’t need 50% in cash. Do keep in mind you won’t be able to Buy Options with collateral margin, for that you will need cash in your account.