Pnl in 60 days challenge

I was holding Reliance shares and was writing calls againt it. On last expiry when price exceeded sold call strike. I exited the sold call in loss and booked the share holding in profit.
Net the trade was profit but in 60 days challenge was showing loss.

It is because you could have started that 60 day challenge under Futures and options and not equity segment.
The challenge is for a specific segment and not everything.

Thankyou for the response.

The challenge Segment is EQ&FO.

Wondering whether it is because the holding was entered before 60 days. But both was booked together so it should be considered right?

Maybe it will take time to get updated… i think. I’m not sure.

  1. Both buy and sell transactions will have to be executed during the challenge period.

This is the reason.

Though the period is net profitable the equity was bought before the challenge hence not considered and showing a loss…