Poll: Does SEBI really care about retail investors/traders?

Lol no

Simple practical test

Go to twitter, tweet a genuine problem you’re facing , and # SEBI init. NO response till a millennia .

About a year back in an IPO i applied had firm allotment and had some very good listing gains in my category but since shares were not coming nor money was debited i inquired from the broker where i submitted the bid . the broker simply gave me a bid no so as to follow up with Registrar . the reply written reply from registrar was that no such bid no exist. so for all practical purpose it was a blunder by the broker who accepted my bid and further he gave me a non existent bid no. i took the matter with SEBI to get an amusing reply that the investor always have the liberty to go to the court !


Whats SEBI?

Successful Emerging Businessmen of India?

Jokes apart, i DONT find the system- private / public fair.

  • Having small number of economists & experts who think they know how to handle things, mess with the system,
  • Dont explain everything to the larger public in SIMPLER LANGUAGE.
  • Dont take anyones consensus.
  • Are not held responsible for their actions .
  • Work with EVERYONES money without consultation & accepting queries.

Who created money & how is it governed?


1.ECE industries ltd had a successful d listing process in January 2017 but even after paying all the delisting participants sebi has denied delisting and since than the share is traded with over 92% promoters hold !
2.Riddhi sidhhi gluco boils had a successful d listing attempt which concluded on 12 march 2018 but till now NEITHER SHARES ARE RETURNED NOR MONEY IS PAID . share is traded with hardly any floating stock in market and investors share and money are blocked due to sebi intervention.


Truth is - Their job is not to care about investors, it is to regulate the market and do so in the most efficient way. Anyone is SEBI’s shoes will be seen as a corrupt/commercial entity because people like to play blame games.

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What is the difference between “care” and “regulate” ?

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Regulate by favoring institutions and big players?


Regulating is making sure the market works fair for everyone involved under certain principles without causing an unrest. 'Caring’makes them biased about one of the either sides, in other words one benefits and other doesn’t, making it somewhat lopsided.
Or, you could say they care - Just like the Government cares for its citizens. It’s not just the citizens, there are probably 100 other entities involved, so its not really their job. There will always be people who aren’t served well - so even though it seems like they do care, they really don’t. Hence you hear people complaining about how everything with the government is flawed.
Analogy: Do you imagine a parent to care about the 5th kid as much as they did for the first?
Hope that clears the air.

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Whnever i see the word D, it reminds me of D company

you will be blocked soon if you keep posting like this


like what?

I asked- Trading strategy of traders above 100% return
So i will be blocked for asking success stories so that ill informed investors make same mistakes by getting news & investing, make losses & so that FEW can profit.

Many news sources have people who dont take liability of their information and DO NOT show their proven track record, thats why i asked this question to seperate the profit makers who make profit by any means and find the real WARREN BUFFETT of India.

Question hidden.

  1. There are few companies that are not just damaging India but also creating products that KILL Indians and are successfully trading on the stock market, i asked question and moderators BLOCKED it !

@nithin Do you have a hidden agenda? Do you/any of your tech/person in India or abroad have hidden source of creating unfair activities? Whats the NUMBER of allegations you have HIDDEN & unresolved?

While creating an account on zerodha, why didnt you openly advertise the number of technical snags and other mishaps on an yearly basis? Why are you not mailing traders about technical snags on an yearly basis? How do you deal with traders whose money is dumped on Zerodha and are NOT getting their queries resolved?

Why are moderators given beautiful badges which DONT reveal criticisms?


This guy perfectly told that all the movies, social media,fake news, everything is created so that people dont question the real problems like capitalism and how it failed many times like 2007 crisis.
The same thing was done by zerodha when i asked a question which is VERY IMPORTANT for every small traders vs big fish.
Asked a question related to that and again Zerodha moderators BLOCKED the question.
Are you all making things unfair for a GLOBALIST AGENDA?
@shravan40 @sreedas @sabkaview

One of my BLOCKED question relates to this -

@shravan40 @sreedas @sabkaview

@shravan40 @sreedas
My next query- Lobbying and Traders
Lobbying and Traders

The next crisis
How can unknown lobbyists create a turmoil & harm the traders & investors money?
Are financial crisis manufactured for profit?

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Even this post was unlisted :expressionless:

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Proves they are not working in INDIANS interest.

Monsanto, Starbucks are selling alleged & even proven cancer causing products-

Pharma companies are CREATING diseases which they themselves say are not reversible. Want to know how?
But Moderators will censor and BLOCK such questions , you know why?

@shravan40 @sreedas @sabkaview

Are they independant?

They dont Care because if SEBI cares Reatail Investors then it would have decreased the charges like STT and other for retail traders so that retail traders could have more opportunity and Costless trading possibility.

Actually no gov agency work unless there is some pressure on them …sebi is no different

Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Boils had a successful rbb in march 2018 and the discovered price was 630 per share against floor price of 510. sebi has stopped further process in the matter and now after 9 months BSE has withdrawn the in principal approval given for d listing means share will be returned to all after keeping the same dead for such long period . first of such kind in history of d listing !now the share can be bought at less than 500 per share and it has a book value of around 2100 . please note that this is not a holding company.

AS posted by me about ECE INDUSTRIES ( only NSE listed ) which had a successful rbb in january 2017 whereby promoters hold 90.27% .
SEBI approved d listing after almost 26 months and now the share will last trade on 09 MAY 2019. exit offer @ 233.36 from 17 May 2019 to 16 May 2020.