Poll: How much down is your portfolio?

A question to all the fellow investors:

How is your portfolio doing?

  • Still in the green
  • 0-10% down
  • 10-20% down
  • 20-30% down
  • 30-40% down
  • 40-50% down
  • More than 50% down

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No judgment, guys. This is an anonymous poll.

Sitting on 90% cash. Got out of most investment when they tanked 15%. Still Holding two stocks which have fallen 30% but theirs limited to no downside from these levels.

I am a value investor. Strategy: Buy & forget selling for 20 years or more, unless there is a big fundamental change (downward) in the company. Presently, there is only 1 stock in my portfolio & it’s down 22.47%.

Sitting on 100% cash, Didn’t invest before this but will invest in Nifty Bees, Bank Bees when things look like they are stabilizing or when market’s stimulus euphoria dies down.