Position of horizontal line changes on zooming in/out

After I insert a horizontal line on the chart and then when I zoom in or zoom out, the horizontal line changes its position. like if I have drawn it at 205.50 then after zooming it changes its position from 205.50 and goes to some other price like 205.70, 205.35. etc.

So, is there any change in the setting I need to make to fix it Or is it the problem of the software itself?

I’m assuming you are talking about Kite. No, this does not happen. When you place a horizontal line, it gets fixed onto the exact spot even if you zoom in or out. The position does not really change.

To place a horizontal line - click on ‘Select Tool’, on the left top and further select the ‘horizontal’ option. Place this at the desired level and click to fix it at the position.

Well, I was talking about Pi :confused: