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Why does Zerodha not show cost / charges as part of position and profit / loss in real time on Kite?

Everyday when I trade I have to guess the cost of all my trades and mentally adjust my P/L. If the cost including charges and brokerage were shown and added to P/L traders would know their accurate P/L showing on the position tab on Kite software.

Instead of it being deducted at the end of the day and in most cases next morning.

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While we’re working on providing you with a rough estimate of the cost, it’s difficult to provide you with the exact cost of the trade. It’s hard because the rates of STT, Stamp duty differs depending on whether your trade is Intraday/Delivery, so it’s essential to determine the nature of a trade before appropriate charges can be levied on it. While you may argue that there are specific product types that denote the type of trade, the truth is that when you buy and sell stock under CNC (CNC is the product code for delivery) on the same day, it’s still considered an Intraday trade.

Also, there are cases where the trade type could change from Intraday to Delivery depending on additional trades executed. Assume, you’ve taken a short position in MIS, and the charges for Intraday and computed and shown. If you change the product code from MIS to CNC (assuming you are holding the stock in your demat), the computation has to now change, doing all this real-time is a little difficult.


It will be helpful for traders if you show the charges calculated on initial trade type like CNC Or MIS. If the trader converts the CNC to intraday Or, MIS to CNC/NRML (in NFO) then the initial charges shown will be automatically null & void. It will be really a good feature for intraday traders.


I’ve already responded here.

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