Positional Call Option SL

Hello, can we request an SL order of a positional call option when pre-market opens?

I have placed an SL order but unfortunately, while the market was closed I tried to modify it but it was canceled completely.

Hi, F&O do not have pre market session, trading starts when normal market hours begin from 9:15 AM.

For overnight F&O positions you can use GTT Order to place Stoploss, you can learn all about GTT here:

Generally, do exchanges allow to place SL order for options while Pre-market hours?

You can place Stoploss orders when market opens.

Sl in Banknifty

Assuming I have purchased 1 lot of Banknifty CE @ 200. Is it possible to Put stop loss & exit the trade at 150. Can I place Stop Loss in BANKNIFTY OPTIONS?

If Yes how do I set Stop Loss?

Yes, you can place stoploss. You can check out this and this articles to know how to place a SL order.