Possible methods to reduce loss

Stock symbol:UJJIVAN
Ujjivan Financial Services Limited is a non-banking finance company engaged in the micro finance lending business.
Average Buy price:259.17
Breakeven :259.8 (neither profit or loss).
Is there Any possibilities in reducing loss.

I dont know but there is no such thing as reducing loss.

You need to think from scratch always, “Can I make money by investing in UJJVAN?”.

I think UJJVAN stock fell because CEO & MD resigned, I don’t know what will be the sentiment for the new MD/CEO.

In non Fno stock, the only way is to pump more money .That it self is not guarantee as it can turn to penny stocks( eg Yes bank, RPower,JPassosiats etc.) . So SL is really imp. In stocks its better to reenter at higher price( after the resistance broke) when strength picks up then holding the bag(you are losing the time vale as well). Also profit booking time to time is really imp as now the Cycle timeline has reduced ( businesses are growing faster and failing faster due to disruptions) so exit strategy is equally imp. Again there is no simple answer its purely personal risk/financial appetite . When investing , people should have concrete plan of Averaging level,when to take profit,When to take SL when to reenter. Never have any emotional about any trade or Company that’s always hurt.Market was there before we were born and will remain after we die and opportunity will keep on coming .

You came here after betting your money on the cards, but evidently you don’t have any clue about the outcome.

Heck! No one does.

It’s not a matter if you have invested 1 lakh. Market can absorb so much money, to make you insane both ways.

If some price movement, triggers your heart why don’t you exit. Ah, yes, we always want that fat profit.

But you can always have nasty losses. N if that leaves you heart broken, you didn’t calculate the losses.

It always seems we are invincible until we put our money

It’s never about doing with money you can afford to lose. If you don’t know, what you are doing, then you ll end up lucky. N luck and prayers are not sensible approach either way.

It ll be arrogant to say if we know what we are doing. It’s an insane place to validate anything.

But you should know your risk. That’s it.

Yeah, that’s it.