Possible to specify both the Target price, and Stop-Loss price for Bank-Nifty Options?

In Zerodha, they don’t seem to allow Bracket order, for options.
So, then, how could I specify both the Target and Stop-Loss together for Options?

I tried to place two separate SELL orders, first specifying StopLoss, and the second specifying Target.
But Zerodha did not allow it, and was cribbing about insufficient margin,

This is same everywhere, margins are asked by exchanges. Anyhow we are trying to do a work around this in coming days.
Btw we allow BO on nifty and banknifty options.

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Banknifty options ?? Are bo order allowed for banknifty options now?



siva… is there any reduction in margin for option selling when i use bo

Yes, you can place an order and check by yourself on monday.