Possible to use money locked in Liquid Funds for trading?

If at 2PM, i come across a stock at attractive valuation. What’s the earliest i can make a bid for the stock, assuming i have sufficient funds locked into a Liquid Fund over at Coin?

My understanding is, the earliest i can bid for the stock will be only at T+3 day i.e.
1400 01-Feb : Start
1400 01-Feb : Redeem Order at Coin
1330 02-Feb : Order sent to AMC
1600 03-Feb : Money shows up in my Funds
0930 04-Feb : Place order on Kite

  • Is there someway, this process can be sped up?
  • Or can i get fund from somewhere else faster (other than from my own bank account)?

Am trying to understand, if i want to be prompt at buying a good stock anytime in future, should i always be having money lying IDLE in my bank account or my Zerodha account?