" practice stock market trading while doing your job "

get bored of watching old intraday videos ,still confused about practicing intraday or postional trading ,then here a new video recently poping out,but really can we trade while continueing our job??

i am too searching strong videos about job and trading simultaneously,any body have link then please paste here ,its for educational purposes

hmm,thats my new channel’s video …i have a blog too …its a begineer level courses there…


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you means these site

You can do job but it means you should be free all time just sitting in office.Otherwise it’s difficult.

@TradeOps i am doing job and trading without any difficulty ,its like a child’s play,why to do intraday when you can earn 50- 60 thousand per month simultaneously doing job,wait i will give you full detail video in my website every thing is free no paid promotion even i have 2 subcribers in my channel ,its my own personal 4 years experience ,as you all can see every day intraday traders abusing zerodha for whatever the reason ,i bet even they change the broker still they will face same problem in future because intraday trading means ““sure loss trading trading (its my own defination of intrady )””

Intraday could be profitable if you don’t gamble on it.There are professional traders who make a living out of it.Trading offers unlimited profits and unlimited loss potential.Those with best discipline will always be on profit side.No Job offers such returns.I could make 60000 in a week if I trade cautiously.Thats what Indian Jobs offers for a month when you work your brains out in front of the computer.

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