Pre-Booking IPO on Paytm Money - Great Marketing

While people are thinking about whether to subscribe to Zomato IPO or not, what caught my attention is Paytm money launching Pre-booking of IPO. Now that’s great marketing. Why?

  1. Even if you Pre-book, your order would be passed on only when the subscription opens on the due date.
  2. Pre-booking doesn’t guarantee you getting lucky. It’s not like Pre-booking of a movie ticket where seats are confirmed. IPO is a lottery system. Allotment depends on luck.
  3. The demand in the Pre-booking would cater to the grey market price movement.
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off course this is marketing funda to catch retailers.
but i don’t think that the allotment is based on lottery system.
As per my experience & assumption, you don’t get allotted if applied for 1-4 lots. But applied for more lots then there are chances to get allotted, in past, me & my friend applied for some IPOs, i has applied with one lot at sharp opening time & my friend applied after noon with big lots, & he got one lot, but i didn’t got any allotments. & this happened atleast 5-6 times before 2014, later i didn’t tried in IPOs as IPOs aren’t my crush from there.

Rules before 2014 was different.
But now, for oversubscribed IPOs, regardless of you apply 1 lot or multiple lot, allotment chances are same. It is a lottery


@rupeshmandal Well said the facts…

ok, thanks for reply, is there any link where we get more details about allotment process?

there are many explainer out there. Just google it.
Moneycontrol just published one today

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Thanks & for reply & the link with details