Pre Market Bracket Order


How can i open BO during Pre Market or at one night before?

As I can place BO only after 9:15 so generally rates get too high or low and not able to get rates of my choice.
Is there any where I can set AMO before and as soon as market open it come BO.
I hope my question is clear.


Bracket and Cover Orders are intraday Product and works only while the market is open.

AMO’s not supported for BO’s and CO’s

So please consider my situation and let me know how it can be achieved?
I set a price before market open and after market it open and if triggered my BO can be executed.

I hope in future Zerodha will allow traders to put bracket order /cover order atleast from 9 am

It will be helpful for those traders who works on "Open=High/Low " strategy

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