Pre Open Market Historical Data. 😍


Pre_Open data from 11May2018.
You can download it from the below link

To export as csv :point_down:

In the above link just change the required date in ddMMMyyyy format.

Make sure the date is a valid trading date and not holidays.

Thank you So much @HowUTrade For Providing This Data This Can Help Lot Of Beginners Specially Day Traders…


Thank you… i have been trying to get this data since long…


You can download also csv Formet and then you can apply filter on Marketcap column for ex… M.cap between 500cr To 5,00000cr so you can remove non F&O stock from the list…



If you need Pre-open for FNO stocks, then try the below link

Other variants
Nifty 50 Stocks :
Nifty Bank Stocks :
FNO Stocks :
Other Stocks (Excl all above):
Full List :

For Html Format (Example usage, to use in Excel WebQuery)

For Text Format

For CSV Format

*Data available from 13-May-2017 only


Wow yarr… Thanks a lot Ones Again… Wonderful… :heart_eyes:

I don’t know who are you but you are very helpful for New Trader
May God bless you