Predict or Go With Flow?

Do you guys predict market? Does it help in increse in profit? Or you guys just follow overall trend and then jump on a trend?

I have tried predicting markets, and even though mostly I am right, still I say it is complete waste.

Because you cant predict market over a day or week, where most trading opportunities come. And predicting over a month or more doesnt really translate into trading profits well.

Going with the flow is better.

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How does one know if the flow will last or not?

An ABCD formation on 5m tf is simply a single wave move in 15m tf…when do you get in and exit once u identified an uptrend after ABCD on 5m tf ?

That’s why people are loosing money because you are actually gambling instead of doing pure business

Technical analysis only shows what should happen , not what must happen and that’s where we lose money because the market simply doesn’t respect technicals . Period.

It’s more accurate on higher timeframes , but then everybody doesn’t have that much patience or satisfaction with less Returns