Premarket order - on not execution during PMO hours

Suppose, I have put a pre-market MRKT order (AMO ORDER TYPE with market order - not a limit order) one day earlier in evening to buy/sell a Nifty future on next day and suppose it didnot get executed in pre market price equilibrium /auction mechanism between 9:08 to 9:14 am then does my order get executed at market price on market open as a market order at 09:15 or does it change to limit order at open price? How does it work for orders which didnot execute during premarket order for all order type MRKT?

How can i ensure that my AMO order of nifty future can be executed at market price during premarket at or market open at 09:15 am without manual intervention after placing AMO order?

Thank you.

F&O Instruments are not traded during pre-market trading slot.

Yes, it is executed at Market Price after 9.15am.


AMO Market orders for Equity Segment will be executed at Market Price after Market open, if not filled during pre-market.

AMO Limit Orders for Equity Segment will be converted into a Limit Order.

AMO Market orders for F&O instruments are executed this way by default.