Premarket partial executed market orders, what rate it will be executed in the regular market

If I’m placing a market order in the pre-market session, if the qty is partially executed in the pre-market. At what rate in the normal market my remaining pending qty will get executed.


There is no partially execution in pre-market opening, For executions qty has to be matched further info you can refer to


The order are not partially executed in Pre-market session.

Buy Limit order quantity should match with Sell limit order quantity and Buy market orders should match with Sell Market orders.

If the orders are unmatched, it will be taken to Normal market where Limit order will executed at limit price and markets order will be executed at opening price.

Pre open session orders only allow in Equities first 8 minutes orders will collect (cancelation, modification, order entry) only for 9:00Am to 9:08Am after that we can’t place the new orders to the system,

We can place the Pre Mkt orders between this period but in this there is no partially execution in pre-Market, why because which we place the orders, it need to match the qty

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Check this link and search for Matching rules, when you place market orders during pre-market and if the quantity is partially executed or unmatched, whatever pending will be placed as limit orders at opening price.

If the opening price is not discovered in illiquid stocks it is placed as limit order with previous day closing price. 


In Pre market, order’s will get execute on the basis of "Equilibrium Price Determination” or “Call Auction”.

For more information,


In Premarket session, if your market order is not fully executed, it will be carried over to the regular market opening @ 9:15 am, but instead of market order, its type will be changed into limit order and the limit price will be set as opening price of the day. Please note that the opening price is same as the price at which your initial market order has already partially got executed.

Say you place 1200 qty as market order order. (Buy order)

Say 724 shares are executed in pre session by matching your market order with equilibrium price of 805 rupees.

Then the remaining 476 shares will be moved to 9:15 am as limit orders with 805 as limit price.

Since market opens at 805 and your order limit price is also 805, there are many AMO (After Market Orders) which will be fired starting from 9:15 am. So if someone has ordered a SELL of 500 quantity at 804 rupees, hoping opening price will be close to 800 or so, you order can easily get through and your entire order for 1200 shares will be purchased at 805 rupees.

Hope it is clear!

How can i place pre market orders I mean where is the option to place pre market orders in ZT

Check this:

Hey can we determine the Volume for a particular stock in premarket?

Hey can we determine the Volume for a particular stock in premarket?
I know its a very basic question sorry new trader :smiley: