Premarket Trading

How to place premarket orders in MIS order type with zerodha?
Believe GTT & AMO orders are only for CNC type.
So for premarket orders do we use the BO or CO order type with limit or it will be rejected.
Pls advice.

It means that Intraday margin cannot be used for this - And you have no other means but to have the entire cash margin to execute the CNC order and then convert it to MIS order for Intraday and close the trade and get back the capital at the end if the day.
Is this because during order matching at the exchange full settlement is required for trade confirmation which cannot be borne by the stock broker whereas in Intraday the margin from the broker is blocked and released at the end of day as all positions are squared off.

As per @Ragavendran_M we can place EQ AMO MIS Limit orders for premarket (only no CO/BO orders) @ShubhS9 is this correct? Bcos post has been withdrawn.

I have already read this but only for post market it is clearly said CNC order type but for pre market it is only said market/limit orders that is why the question itself :slightly_smiling_face:. Or is it a topic for which there is no straight forward answer.

Hey, sorry for misinformation. MIS orders are allowed during pre-market session.

Thanks for the details.
Just one more question - For EQ AMO MIS premarket orders except CO/BO are all other order types(Limit, SL, SLM) allowed?

SL and SLM also not allowed during pre market. Only limit and market orders are allowed.