Preparing Intraday stocks watchlist

I would like to know from experienced traders , how do they prepare the watchlist for intraday trading. Do they follow all the NIFTY 50 stocks ? Or do they look for stocks in news?? Or is it based on some criteria like top gainers,top losers, most active security or underlying…etc ???

I am finding it really difficult to shortlist 5-10 stocks for opening hour trading on the basis of some logical criteria. Please help.

Nifty 50 is usually the best list for finding intraday opportunities. Liquidity is not at all an issue with these stocks. Please do check section 19.4 here -

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Hello @Karthik sir ,

I have read this module twice but my problem is that its impossible to look for 30-50 stocks from 9:15-9:30 am for 1st hour trades. I want to reduce this list to a maximum of 5 or 10 with NIFTY future one of those. How do I reduce this list ?? Do i simply select most active by value, most active underlying etc?? Is there a way that in first 10 minutes , i can build a list of these 5 stocks which have potential to move in first hour?? Is there some kind of hint present in NSE data which can help me build this list and watch them for a setup.

@DB1494 I usually choose stocks based on the contract daily volatility (at least 2%) and the return ratio based on the margin required.
But I think most active contract list found on NSE can be a starting point, and you can develop your own method and watch list as you move forward. For that matter NIFTY FNO Contract alone can be a good index to follow all day long and trade based on the direction.
Good luck!

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You need to do this the previous day…i.e look for the next day’s trading ideas based on what happened today. When you do this, you will be able to spend a lot more quality time with charts. Make your notes and be ready for the next day.


Thank you sir !! …
Can I use the list of 30 most active underlying stocks from NSE as my stock universe for next day preparation?