Previous close not available

  1. Zerodha does not show the previous close in holding, without how can one arrive days P/L.
  2. There is no individual script day profit loss with percentage.
  3. In holdings only total P/L & total % are available which is not acceptable.
  4. There is no analysis in holding a report of the day open, day high, and day low with %, which is easy for intraday, one should easily know how a script goes up/down daily.
  5. Last but not least there is no way to select the script from the preferred day /month for eg. today 10.06.24 and I want a script performance from 01.06.24 to 09.06.24, which is very available in MONEYCONTROL for freeā€¦ even much more than Zerodha is available in money control