Price action strategy help

i want to make scanner and strategy with following conditions please help

BUY= When previous day close = day high & latest close (15 min heiknashi candle) breaks the previous day high

SELL= When previous day close = day low & latest close(15 min heiknashi candle )

breaks the previous day low


Novice Alert, sorry if the question sounds stupid: Do such scripted trades really work?

Streak allows you to backtest your strategy and check it’s performance before you can deploy it live. You can learn more at Streak.

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if any doubt check VEDL chart today
i am using this strategy from last year
that why looking for scanner

It’ll take me 7 years to fully understand it on my own unless someone guides me :wink:

Well if you are completely new to the landscape, you can start by learning basics on Varsity.


This cannot be currently implemented since the indicator required is currently under development. This will be released soon.

Intraday high low breakout possible or. Not

The indicator in question is required is for intraday High/Low in under development.

I am new to using streak. Just wanted to know if the following scanner would work.

Yes, the logic seems fine. You can run the scan and verify the results using charts.